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Gogopower Australia is a professional organisation specialising in the sale and maintenance of a variety
of industrial equipment, including electrical equipment and construction machinery products such as diesel
generators, portable generators and heavy duty water pumps and parts.


Gogopower supplies a wide range of diesel power generation equipments from 7kVA up to 1250kVA. Together with gas and diesel generators Gogopower supplies and service portable generators from 1Kva-6Kva of Potise range.
Gogopower support both in products and service.

Moreover, our client oriented support includes generator sizing, installation, commissioning, (test and whole set up), maintenance, and warranty.

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What makes us different



Local support


Gogopower Australia is able to provide customers with user relevant and customised product solutions in accordance with the user’s requirements.

Moreover, our expertise and experience enables us to create and maintain the provision of integrated equipment solutions. We are providing an enhanced shopping experience, superior logistic and technical support.

Other than that, Gogopower service team including exemplary after-sales services.

Last but not least, Gogopower’s aim is to provide consumers with a satisfying and efficient experience, enabling users worldwide access to highly efficient products. Our experts will easily match them to specific customer requirements. The knowledgeable staff also provides support for all products.


Gogopower supplies power generation machinery for a variety of applications including, residential, and industrial.

As well as construction, solar system and agriculture related equipment. We are proud to continue using only ‘Quality Licensed Products’, with no non-genuine parts or goods.

As a result we utilise a system with 6 levels of quality control, ensuring only genuine and superior products to reach the front doors of all our customers.

Moreover, Gogopower Australia continues to provide consumers with high quality industrial equipment, affordable and easy to use diesel generators.

Above all gasoline generators and associated auxiliary equipment. Our factory maintains good supply chain and provide services throughout the world.

Local support

All Gogopower’s products meet or exceed Australian standards. We comply with Australian Electrical Standards AS/NZ 3000.

Moreover, Gogopower maintaining a comprehensive stock of spare parts for all the machinery sold. Customer enquiries are welcome at all times.

With the demand for Gogopower’s products and expertise constantly increasing, throughout the Oceania region, new lines of power production machinery will continue to be developed and stocked.

For any questions please contact us via email, telephone or fax. Additional product information available on our website and across our social media platforms.


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