What do I need to know when installing a generator set?
The following all need to be considered when you are thinking of installing a generator set:

1. Location – you will need to think of where you want to place the generator set.
Ideally it should be located in a position with adequate access and lighting for service and maintenance purposes. Generators can be located inside or outside your premises – Gogopower offer Sound Attenuated Canopies when generators are to be located outside.

2. Mounting – generator sets should be mounted on a level base and use anti-vibration mounts when necessary. Most level surfaces are suitable. If installing a set on soil or a roof you should consult a civil engineer.

3. Ventilation and Cooling – it is important to make sure there is enough ventilation to help keep the generator cool and to remove excess fumes and heat produced through engine combustion.

4. Fuel System – you will need to consider how you will refuel your generator. Several refuelling options are available from manual pumps to fully automatic systems. Smaller sets usually have a manually operated mechanical or
electrically operated pump, which can refill the set’s base tank from a fuel drum.